Boxing for

Boxing for Parkinson’s

Boxing for Parkinson’s has been used for many years to combat symptoms of the disease. However, over the last few years, it has been gaining more attention. Since boxing is not only a great workout, but requires speed, agility, and power, it can help prevent further decline in movement. It also helps improve balance, control, and strength. In addition, boxing is empowering. It allows patients the chance to fight back against the struggles of the disease in a real way.

Our Boxing for Parkinson’s classes are led by a licensed doctor of physical therapy who is certified in LSVT BIG training. Also, each session will be tailored to your goals and ability. Each 30 minute boxing session will include:

Boxing for Parkinson's
  • Footwork to improve stepping reaction time and walking speed
  • Punches to improve strength and core stability
  • Stretching to counter muscle stiffness
  • Jumping to increase power
  • Circuit weight training to strengthen muscles
  • Voice strengthening to improve vocal volume

Landmark Physical Therapy provides Boxing for Parkinson’s at our Scottsdale Clinic on the corner of Raintree and Thompson Peak Parkway.

Scottsdale at Raintree 480.661.1124

Paradise Valley on Shea 480.494.2050

Scottsdale at Hayden 480.207.7197

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