Preparing for your appointment

To help us make your visits easier, please take a few moments and fill out the forms listed below. We’ve also created a list of payment types and insurance plans that we accept. You will also a list of things to bring and bits of handy patient information to help you know what to expect during your visit.

To help us make your visits easier, please take a few moments and fill out the forms listed below.


Accepted Insurance Plans
Abrazo Advantage Cigna (Medicare products) Optum Health
Aetna Cofinity Phoenix Health Plan (AHCCCS)
American First Health Coventry PHCS
Arizona Foundation for Medical Care Health Net Railroad Medicare
AZ Physician’s IPA (APIPA) Humana Rural Arizona Network
Beech Street Integrated Health Plan Tricare
Blue Cross Blue Shield (most plans) Interplan Health Group United Healthcare
Care 1st Medicare
Choice Care Multiplan

We also offer Cash Packages, if needed.

*This is a sample of our most common insurance plans. Please call one of our offices, or use our Contact Us form, to ask about an insurance not shown on this list.

What to Expect

Your First Physical Therapy Appointment:  What to expect and what to bring.

If you’ve scheduled your first physical therapy appointment, congratulations!  You are on the way to feeling better and getting back to the activities you love.  Here are a few things to know before you come in for your first visit.

What is an evaluation? 

A Physical Therapy Evaluation takes approximately 60 minutes.  Here’s a summary of what will happen during your visit:

  • The therapist will begin by asking you a series of questions.  This is your time to explain the history of your injury, what makes it worse or better, and what tests or treatments have been done.
  • Next, your therapist will test your motion, strength and flexibility.  He or she may also perform some specific tests to better understand your condition.  The information gathered during this testing will help develop your personalized injury plan and progression.
  • Your therapist will discuss your injury or diagnosis with you.  Understanding your injury is important as you move forward through your rehab.  You will discuss activities to avoid during your recovery, the basic anatomy behind your injury, and the estimated time it will take to get back to the things you want to do.
  • Treatment will typically begin on the first visit. This may include some manual techniques (injury specific massage and joint movements), some simple exercises, and perhaps the use of a modality to help decrease pain or swelling. 
  • Finally, your therapist will give you some basic exercises or activities to do at home between appointments. 

What should I bring to my first appointment? 

  • Bring your new patient paperwork if you completed it at home.  Or, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time so that you may complete it in our office.
  • The prescription from your doctor if you have one.
  • A copy of your insurance card and driver’s license.
  • A list of your medications or injury specific dates such as when you had surgery, or when the injury took place if it is know. 

What should I wear to Physical Therapy?

Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and that allow the therapist to see your injured body part.  For example, if you have a knee injury, we recommend you wear shorts so that your knee is exposed.  For a shoulder injury, a shirt with a loose sleeves, or a sleeveless top works best.  You will be doing some exercises during your session, so clothes that are easy to move in are best.  Feel free to bring a change of clothes if needed.

What happens after my first visit? 

After your evaluation is over, your therapist will summarize everything that was done that day.  You will be given pictures of your exercises for easy reference, and you will be able to schedule the remainder of your appointments. 

Follow-up visits are typically 45-60 minutes depending on your injury.  If you have a prescription from your doctor, it will say how often the doctor thinks you should attend PT.  The therapist will also discuss your follow-up schedule on the first visit.  Typically, people who attend therapy 2-3x/week for the first few weeks, tend to see the fastest results. 

How much will Physical Therapy cost?

The cost of physical therapy depends on your insurance plan.  We understand the importance of budgeting for medical expenses, so our staff will call your insurance carrier and go over your anticipated costs with you right from the start.

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