Balance and
Fall Prevention

Balance and Fall Prevention

Did you know?

  • 1 of every 3 older Americans fall every year
  • 95% of hip fractures result from falls
  • 50% of older people can’t live on their own after being injured in a fall

Risk factors for falls

  • A history of falling
  • Muscle weakness in legs
  • Balance problems
  • Vision problems
  • Medical conditions that limit your mobility, such as Parkinson’s disease or stroke
  • Dementia, Alzheimer disease or Depression
  • Taking more than four medications, or sedatives or antidepressants
  • Home hazards such as loose rugs or pets
  • Low blood pressure
  • Being 80 years old or older
Improve Balance and Fall Prevention
Improve Balance and Fall Prevention

You can improve balance and avoid becoming a statistic…

Balance training with a physical therapist can not only improve your walking speed, but your ability to climb stairs. It also increases your stability in daily life while decreasing your fall risk. Physical therapy helps to improve balance by strengthening your ankles, hips and core, stretching muscles, and to increase your sense of balance.

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