Physical Therapy For Back or Spine Surgery

Spinal surgery can be needed for many reasons. Physical therapy is a crucial part of the recovery process, whether surgery was due to an acute injury, a structural issue, or a chronic problem. Often therapy begins right after surgery. Other times, it isn’t...

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Child Abuse Prevention Month

Every child deserves to have a great childhood, and every parent deserves support. To support Child Abuse Prevention Month, Landmark has listed a few things you can do to help a kid have a great childhood! (adapted from content supplied by Prevent Child Abuse America)...

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Are your shoes causing your foot or ankle pain?

When people suffer from foot and ankle pain, they often just ‘rest’ the area. They assume it is due to a strain, or some activity, when instead the cause could be as simple as the shoes they wear. There are several reasons why it could be your shoes causing your foot...

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Happy Easter!

Your Easter memories may be walking up the sidewalk to church, dressed in new Easter clothes. Others remember Easter egg hunts, following waking early and racing to see what the Easter Bunny left in your basket.  However you celebrate it, Easter is a time...

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