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The Landmark Golf Program with K-Vest®

Is your body getting in the way of your golf?

The Landmark golf physical training program targets your posture, flexibility, strength and control so you can achieve your perfect swing. Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified medical professional will guide you through a golf specific assessment and prescribe an individualized program to meet the needs of your body and your swing. You’ll also experience the K-VEST – a wireless sensor system that gives you realtime visual and auditory feedback to reinforce correct movements. This feedback accelerates the learning process to get you playing better in less time.

Practice doesn’t make you better. Perfect practice makes you better.

The K-VEST 3D wireless system gives you visual and auditory feedback for stance, posture, and swing positions. It’s great for golfers who are visual learners and respond well to immediate feedback.

Why combine the K-VEST with manual therapy?

The Landmark Golf Physical Training Program provides the benefits of a state of the art biofeedback system and the expertise of a licensed physical therapist. Working with a Manual Therapy Expert gives you the ability to achieve your ideal swing, increase your rotation, see and feel what a correct stance feels like, and discover how to improve your flexibility and core strength so the golf swing feels natural. A manual therapist is a medical and movement expert who knows how the body should move and can pinpoint limitations in your body’s movements that are affecting your swing. A few “body tune-up” sessions can make that ideal swing possible! If you’ve ever had someone say you need to get more rotation, extension, or flexibility, then this combination of 3D technology and manual therapy is a great way to unlock your body for a better swing.


  • Achieve faster results with the K-VEST
  • Get immediate feedback after every swing and drill
  • No more wondering if you’re doing it correctly – the answer is right in front of you


K-Vest showing poor set up
K-Vest showing good set-up
TPI and K-Vest Certified

Already working with a golf-pro?

Great! The K-Vest and body movement programs are designed to make it easier for you to achieve the positions and swings your golf pro is teaching. We are also available to discuss your swing and limitations with your golf pro at no extra cost to develop the right program for you.

Now you can practice like the pros, improve ball flight and lower your score

The K-VEST is used by golfers of all levels, beginners to professionals.  Sessions are customized to your goals and abilities.

Initial Golf Session: 75-90 minutes
Begin with a full-body, golf specific movement assessment and test your balance, flexibility and core strength as they relate to golf. Next, the K-VEST system will measure your posture, alignment, how much you are turning, and your body position at the top of your swing and at impact. Discover your top 3 golf limitations and begin a proven series of movements and drills to change your game. You will also begin the manual therapy treatment to improve your body’s motion. You will leave with a personalized exercise program to continue your swim transformation at home, and a step-by-step recommendation for how to achieve your personal swing goals.

Follow-up Golf Session: 30-60 minutes
You can choose 30 minute self-practice and drill sessions using the K-VEST system or 60 minute sessions that combine the benefits of K-Vest biofeedback and a body movement tune-up. Your TPI certified K-VEST instructor will take you through a proven series of drills and exercises to achieve the results you want.

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