Fighting Back
Against Parkinson’s

with LSVT Big & Loud and Boxing

Parkinson’s Programs

Exercise has been proven to reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. It is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when living with PD because it improves strength, balance and stability. At the time you are told you have the disease, exercise should be prescribed as well as medication. While medication and surgery are potential treatments for the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, there is a consensus that staying active is an essential tool that can slow the progression of the disease. This disease has no cure, but many patients respond to medications and exercise programs such as the Parkinson’s BIG & LOUD program, and Boxing for Parkinson’s.

Our Scottsdale – Raintree location offers both LSVT BIG & LOUD and Boxing for Parkinson’s, and our Paradise Valley/North Phoenix clinic offers LSVT Big & Loud.

LSVT Big & Loud for Parkinson's

LSVT Big & Loud

The LSVT BIG Program was developed to address the unique movement problems facing people with Parkinson disease.

Boxing for Parkinson's

Boxing for Parkinson's

Patients who participate in a boxing program show significant improvement in Gait, Mobility, Balance, and Quality of Life.

FREE 15 minute Screening

Landmark offers a free 15 minute screening for you to see our Parkinson’s programs for yourself.

Scottsdale – Raintree 480.661.1124

Paradise Valley/North Phoenix 480.494.2050

You can also use our online form to request your screening!

Scottsdale at Raintree 480.661.1124

Paradise Valley on Shea 480.494.2050

Scottsdale at Hayden 480.207.7197

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