Treating Scoliosis
with Physical Therapy

Treating Scoliosis with Physical Therapy

Scoliosis affects about 3 – 5% of the population, and about 10% of these cases could require surgery if the curve becomes too severe. Many times, scoliosis goes untreated. This can lead to poor posture, ill-fitting clothes, and lower self-esteem. Also, long term scoliosis can cause respiratory and cardiac problems. Treating Scoliosis with physical therapy can prevent surgery and even reduce the severity of the curve. As a result, you can return to all the activities you love without any limitations.

Get Ahead of the Curve

At Landmark Physical Therapy, we aim to:

  • Decrease the Cobb angle by 15 – 20dg
  • Improve postural control and core strength
  • Return you to full particpation in all activities
  • Delay or prevent surgery
  • Avoid the negative effects brought on by an advanced curve

The Landmark Difference

Landmark Physical Therapy is different from most clinics because you will NEVER be handed off to techs or aides. You will receive the attention and care of licensed physical therapists. Other reasons why Landmark is different:

  • Our therapists create an individualized program based on your unique needs
  • We address the three dimensional aspects of the curve to return the spine to its’ natural shape and function
  • You will receive at least 40 minutes of hands-on therapy – 3X more than other clinics
  • Our program is 12 full visits long and is cheaper than other, more invasive options
Treating Scoliosis with Physical Therapy

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Landmark offers a free 15 minute screening to see if physical therapy is right for you. Request yours today and Get Ahead of the Curve!

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