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Knowing how to prevent an injury is important, but that knowledge does not mean an athlete will never face an injury. Every moment of a match or practice carries a certain amount of risk for athletes. Once an injury has occurred, proper treatment is vital to getting back in the game as quickly and safely as possible.

Our therapists apply a whole body approach to determine the root cause of your injury. Then, they design a custom treatment plan based on your injury and sport. They understand while an athletes’ entire body is used when they play, some muscles and joints are used more than others. Your custom program will include exercises to strengthen those areas to help prevent additional injury.

You can rest assured that at Landmark you will only be treated by musculoskeletal experts. In fact, the Landmark Guarantee is our promise to never hand you over to a tech or an aide. Every session will be provided by a licensed doctor of physical therapy. This 1:1 treatment model is a key part of your treatment. A musculoskeletal expert overseeing your entire treatment picks up the small details, like how your body is moving, compensating, or progressing with certain treatments. They also have the training and experience to make the necessary changes to your program to help you achieve the best possible results.

Do you have a young athlete?

Landmark not only works with adult athletes, but with children and young adult athletes, as well.  Sometimes overuse injuries can be brushed aside as ‘growing pains’. While overuse injuries are usually easily treated, if left alone they can turn into serious injuries that require more extensive treatments later on.

Learn more about how Landmark can help you (or your young athlete) in your (their) sport:

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