Sports Therapy and Performance

Are you an athlete struggling with an injury? Do you want to learn to prevent an injury? Landmark’s physical therapists can help you. Our sports therapy and performance programs are designed to help athletes return to the sport they love after an injury, and we can provide instruction on how to prevent injury, or re-injury.

We use a whole body approach to determine the root cause of your injury. Then, we develop a personalized treatment plan. Whether you are a golfer with back pain, or a runner rehabilitating your knee, we design your program based on your sport and your injury. This includes hands-on therapy and a customized exercise program. It also includes modalities such as ultrasound, electronic stimulation and ice or heat. You can rest assured that at Landmark you will only be treated by musculoskeletal experts. In fact, every evaluation and session will be provided by a licensed physical therapist – we will never hand you over to a tech or an aide.

Landmark Golf Performance Program

The Landmark golf physical training program targets your posture, flexibility, strength and control so you can achieve your perfect swing. Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified medical professional will guide you through a golf specific assessment and create an individualized program to meet the needs of your body and your swing.

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