Hiking Injuries
and Prevention

Hiking Injury Rehab and Prevention

A basic first aid kit is an important part of your hiking gear. Bug bites, blisters and cuts can all be easily treated ‘on the go’.  But while some hiking injuries are easily treated or preventable, others are not and require more than just first aid. Some common hiking injuries you may need medical attention for are:

  • ‘Foosh’ injuries (falling on outstretched hand) – these often result in wrist fractures
  • Ankle sprains or fractures
  • Hip or knee injuries
  • Tendonitis

Hikers tend to experience several types of overuse injuries. Hamstring strains and shin splints are the most common. You may not realize that shin splints can be dangerous. If left untreated, you could end up with a tibial stress fracture. ITBS, Illiotibial Band Syndrome, can be caused by overusing your legs, or not warming up and stretching properly. Overuse and under stretching can also cause Achilles Tendonitis.

Part of preventing hiking injuries is understanding what is normal pain and what is not.  A physical therapist can help you learn to recognize how you use your body when hiking, what pains are normal, and help you learn how to use your body more efficiently. They can also perform a gait and footwear assessment to make sure you are wearing the footwear that will best suit YOU.

If you have been injured while hiking, or have pain that keeps you from the trails, a physical therapist can help you recover, as well as teach you to prevent injury, or re-injury, from occurring. Contact any of our clinics for a free 15 minute injury screening and get back to what you love to do stronger, faster, better!

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