Swimming Injury
and Prevention

Swimming Injury Rehab and Prevention

Swimming is considered a fairly safe sport, but injuries do happen. Overuse injuries occur from repetitive overhead motions. Other, more serious injuries, can occur as well. Some issues that swimmers face include:

  • Tendonitis
  • Neck or low back pain
  • Ankle, wrist and hand injuries
  • Knee pain and injuries

The most common area for injury, however, is the shoulder. Rotator cuff injuries or tears can occur. Shoulder impingement syndrome is common. This is when the shoulder blade presses on the rotator cuff while the arm is raised, and causes pain.

Physical therapy is vital for swimmers, and not just to treat pain and injury. It can be a useful tool during training. Your therapist can help you avoid injury by strengthening key areas. If an injury does occur, they can provide a custom plan of care that includes manual therapy and strengthening. They will also look for the root cause of the injury, and show you proper form to prevent the injury from recurring.

If you’re sitting not swimming due to an injury, contact any of our clinics for a free injury screening.

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