Physical Therapy After
Knee Replacement

Physical Therapy after a Knee Replacement

The knee is one of the most complex joints in the body. It has to balance off center loads and move side to side. This helps to explain why knee replacement is such a complex surgery. During a knee replacement, the surgeon must move ligaments, and attach replacement pieces to the bone. Therefore, recovery is also much more involved than with other orthopedic surgeries, and can take six months to a year. Even then, the knee may not feel normal. Physical therapy after knee replacement is vital to making as complete a recovery as possible.  

After a knee replacement, the sooner you get up and move your knee, the better. Physical therapy will teach you what activities and positions to avoid, and which are good for you. Your therapist will also design a custom rehab program based on your specific goals, so that you can get back to as many of your favorite activities as possible. At each visit, they will watch your progress, and adjust your program to keep you moving forward. Their goal is to see you doing and feeling better each and every visit.

The final part of your recovery is you. Your commitment to see it through can be the difference between simply recovering, and enjoying a complete recovery.

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