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Suffering from head pain?

Head pain can be severe. It can stop you from enjoying the activities you love, reduce your productivity, and keep you from time with friends and family. Whether it’s pain from TMD or headaches, physical therapy offers relief for many types of head pain.


Headaches can be complex. In fact, you may experience multiple headache types at once as they often play off of each other. Also, pain in one area of the head can actually be from another part of the head. Pain can even be located in the neck (this is known as referral, or referred pain). These issues can make it difficult to diagnose exactly what type of headache you are having. However, physical therapy offers treatment options for many types of headache pain.

Types of headache pain physical therapy can help:

  • Pain localized to the base, side or front of the skull
  • When it is localized above or behind the eye, jaw/ear area
  • In the head or neck that is intermittent and last hours to days
  • Pain that worsens with head/neck movement, or sustained or awkward positions – range of motion is often limited
  • Can have any of these symptoms with nausea and visual disturbances
Physical Therapy for Headaches
Physical Therapy for TMD


Many people have been diagnosed with TMD. TMD is often called TMJ, but the TMJ is actually the joint that connects the jaw to the skull and allows the jaw to move. TMD is when that joint, and its muscles and tissues, don’t function properly. Symptoms vary – from intense jaw pain to clicking or popping of the joint, or a “locked” jaw. Treating TMD with physical therapy has helped many find relief. Often, the symptoms will go away altogether.

Landmark therapists are trained to treat TMD by performing a complete evaluation, followed by a 4 step program.

  1. Control inflammation and irritation with the use modalities
  2. Patient education on the specifics of the injury and proper self management
  3. Manual therapy including joint mobilizations and stretching of tight/inflexible muscles
  4. Therapeutic exercises to address weak muscles

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